Just like The Game, Nigerian Bank offers to help Kanye West


    This latest plea by Yeezy has turned him into an object of ridicule. Photo: Filed
    In recent times there have been various reactions to Kanye West’s public admittance to owing $53 million in personal debt.
    American rapper, The Game has already offered to invest $10 million in ‘Kanye West Ideas’, but the latest to also proffer help is Nigerian multinational commercial bank – Access Bank Plc.
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    In a recent tweet, the bank offered to help the 38 year-old rapper by telling him to get in touch.

    but I need access to more money in order to bring more beautiful ideas to the world.
    — KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) February 15, 2016

    And in response to this Kanye’s tweet, Access Bank replied with…

    [email protected], get in touch. We’d like to listen to your ideas. Beautiful ideas change the world. #TakeTomorrowhttps://t.co/i0zB1ASMav
    — Access Bank Plc (@myaccessbank) February 17, 2016

    On Monday, February 15, West took to his Twitter page to reach out to Mark Zuckerberg – pleading with the entrepreneur to invest a billion dollars in his ideas, West said he did not have enough resources to create what he really could.
    This plea by Kanye to Mark has however turned ‘The Life of Pablo’ rapper in an object of ridicule. Every pin and parcel is now however poking fun at Ye all in the name of wanting to help him with his debts.
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