To stay married no be beans – Ali Baba writes on marriage


    Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba.
    A woman can make or mar your chances. If she is understanding she will tolerate your absence when you are hustling. She will hold forth while you are on the road.
    If she is exposed she will have foresight and see beyond your vision and help activate your potentials. If she is mature, has nothing to do with age, she will appreciate your shortcomings and recognize why you are who you are, while subtly fine tuning the rough edges.
    She will take interest in your career, not necessarily manage your career, but could. She will know what it takes to climb up into relevance and stay there. She will be your best critic. Support you when you are low in spirit. Support you when you need superior ideas. Keep you in check.
    Give you arms to run back to when all the hustle is done. Give you a shirt off her back to keep you warm in this cold world called Showbiz. Now that said, that kind of woman is soooooo hard to come by. Nearly don’t exist SEF. But trust me, there are some out there.
    On the flip side, I know one guy who is an actor, his wife can’t watch his movies. Because of hugging and kissing co-stars on set. She can not handle how fans fall over themselves when they see him. She hates that he is popular. He is on billboards.
    He is away for days shooting. And he is fine. She suspects everyone who calls him on his phone. Fan or friend. All have come short of her suspicions. The marriage did not last. His career suffered a set back. He did not fully recover. There are like stories around other businesses.
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