Valentine groove in the Eastern Heartland – Tony Okoroji writes


    COSON chairman, Tony Okoroji.
    I knew that my guy Phyno is connecting with his latest ‘drop’. I just did not know how much until last Sunday.
    Sunday was Valentine’s Day and I was caught up in Owerri, the Imo State capital and the entire city seemed to be on fire. I was shocked to find out how much and how wide the Valentine madness has spread. Those of us who live in Lagos love to think that everything happens in our city. Sometimes, we grudgingly cut some slack for Abuja and maybe Port Harcourt.
    How wrong we are!
    Boy, last Sunday, Owerri was locked down. Despite the new beautiful network of roads, there was heavy traffic everywhere. All over the city, provocatively dressed damsels held hands and smooched with their beaus with no apologies to anyone.
    Owerri easily has more sassy hotels per square kilometer than any other city in Nigeria and the hotels are well run. On Valentine’s Day, the hotels tried to outdo each other. There was music, comedy and fun everywhere.
    In my job, I travel quite a bit. As a result, I have seen top hotel rooms in top cities in nearly every continent across the world. This past Valentine’s Day, I had the pleasure of spending my time in one of the best hotel rooms I ever stayed in. Not in Paris, Geneva, Las Vegas or any other exotic city, it was in Owerri! I am not talking about the well-known Concorde Hotel which today is much better than when it was first built.
    Believe me Owerri which not long ago was a glorified village is rapidly becoming an exotic city, remarkably clean with some great roads, it’s own international convention center, it’s own man-made water falls in the city and some smartly dressed traffic control officials.
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    Source:: The NET