Banky W issues fresh SCAM alert!


    Apparently there’s a fake application circulating on how to join the Banky W-led E.M.E records.
    Banky got wind of the scam and immediately took to Instagram to address it. Read his post below;
    ‘1) This label form is a COMPLETE scam. There is NO application form or Fee to join EME or any real record label, anywhere. None. Don’t fall for it. And please don’t pay any money.2) I’m only on Instagram and snapchat (BankyWellington), and Twitter (BankyW). Any Banky W communicating with you directly on Facebook or ANY other social media/networking/dating site is fake. Do not fall for it and for Goodness sake don’t send anyone any money.
    The Fake Application Form.
    3) The ONLY way to BOOK me OR any other EME Artist is to email [email protected] or call +234 818 000 0000. Do not attempt to book via any other source, no matter what. If the price/discount looks too good to be true, it probably is.4) To the people behind these numerous online scams/impersonations, duping innocent people of their hard earned money, pls immediately change your ways, or may you know no peace, and may the punishment you suffer in return make you curse the day you made the decision to do this.’ …Read More

    Source:: The NET