Buhari won’t succeed with this corrupt judiciary – Etcetera


    President Buhari.
    One would be a fool to believe that there is in Nigeria a final authority to turn to in case one is seriously wronged. One would be a bigger fool to believe that critics of the Nigerian judiciary are merely sore losers or angry convicts, and perhaps judicial misconduct would be exposed by appeal courts or the mass media and corrected. Why guess our way without the facts? Such pre-dispositions held by many otherwise educated adults like you allow pervasive institutional corruption of the judicial branch to remain hidden.

    Judicial corruption is invisible to the masses because lawyers are trained and motivated to lie, deny and cannot safely speak of it, because mass media corporations agree with judicial prejudice and live in fear of judicial whims, because non-lawyers cannot obtain the facts without prohibitive cost and effort, and because the myth of judicial salvation has broad appeal and is propagated by the mass media. Judicial corruption is discovered by its victims and not even they can confidently speak of it in Nigeria without repercussions.
    Nigerian lawyers do not speak against judges, on whom they depend for income stability and success. And of course, they aspire to be judges. They do not criticise the law practice and precedent, which they are selected and trained to accept regardless of validity, and which they could not otherwise use successfully. The persistent citizen can only see judgements written by the selected winner to sound plausible.

    The other facts and argument are costly to obtain, and mountains of cases must be studied in each area to see how rules are misapplied and facts fabricated, and how false “principles of law” are abstracted from bad precedents. After several years of trying to reform the judicial system, the judiciary has only become worse. Any honourable court would …Read More

    Source:: The NET