The pursuit of money is not the pursuit of happiness – Emma Ugolee writes


    Emma Ugolee.
    Tell a certain group of people: ‘John is suffering’ and his response would be ‘Ahn Ahn! E bad like that? Send me his details make I send am small thing.’
    Tell a differently thinking breed, ‘John is suffering’ his response would be “Really? Of what? Depression, eating disorder? memory loss? Ill health? From financially hard times? Loss of a loved one? In what sense is he suffering?’
    While the dictionary defines suffering as experiencing and enduring pain of a physical, mental and emotional kind, we associate suffering oh so easily to material lack only
    This perception is that which permits us to think that money is the solution to every problem we have. That is why the term ‘big man’ goes hand in hand with ‘enjoyment’. So no big man is suffering and enjoyment is alien to every poor man.
    No thought could be farther away from the truth. Many with affluence seek desperate means out off unbearable suffering and several who declare testimonies are not necessarily celebrating financial break through.
    Understanding that the pursuit of money is not the pursuit of happiness is a vital step towards escaping general suffering of all kinds.
    Realising the disconnect between money and the nature of your true need and how many of your issues can be solved without a calculator would get you thinking, spending and feeling right.
    Even if you were a millionaire, keeping billionaire arrogant friends would leave you feeling oppressed and suffering. So sometimes it’s a change in company, attitude, jobs, romantic partners etc that holds the keys to your happiness and not in aquiiriing more money to keep your friends impressed, more salary or cash to service a romance.
    Let’s itemise our issues and attempt to envisage cash unrelated solutions. We might just be surprised at the value of our cashlesss options in the pursuit …Read More

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