PHOTOS: Terry G survives ANOTHER terrible car crash!


    For the second time in 5 years, Nigerian pop star, Terry G will sing songs of praises for being alive to see yet another day.
    The ‘Free Madness’ singer was involved in a terrible car crash at about 6am this morning in Lagos.
    The accident reportedly happened on his way back from a night club between the 1st and 2nd roundabout in Lekki, Lagos and his new Range Rover Sport is completely totalled.
    This is similar to the kind of car crash he had 5 years ago when his car (a Toyota Camry) ran into a road demarcation around Chemiron, close to Sunday Market, in Ogba, Lagos.
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    An inside source in his camp however exclusively reveals to NET that the Ginjah king is very fine. ‘He was not the one driving and somehow he managed to escape without Injury. As am talking to you now, he’s at home with his wife but his car is badly damaged’.
    His P.A., who is identified as Urchineke, also spoke with our correspondent on the situation.
    ‘Yes, the accident occurred, but everyone in the vehicle is okay. Terry G didn’t drive, it was one of his boys that drove and they are fine,’ he told THENETNG.
    Asked if anyone of them sustained serious injuries, Urch said: ‘It’s only the guy that drove that sustained minor injuries, but Terry and the other two guys in the Range Rover are ok. I am presently at the spot where the accident occurred. We are moving the car. Since you have his number you can call him to confirm.’
    When we called Terry G, it was his baby-mama, Mimi that picked his call and corroborated what his P.A had told us earlier, while sounding lively.
    ‘Terry G is fine. Many of our friends have called to ask about his condition, but …Read More

    Source:: The NET