5 disquieting thoughts the Oscars triggered in my head – Emma Ugolee writes


    Emma Ugolee.
    1) Did the Academy (Oscar 2016) just redefine damage control on the racial controversy with
    * unveiling a BLACK FEMALE serving Academy president
    *giving the BLACKEST film maker (Spike Lee) to ever live his first Oscar honorary award as presented by Sam Jackson, Denzel and Snipes
    * raising a whooping $65k for an all black girls scout institution right there in the hall
    * having the token Black Anchor in Chris Rock and strategic use of black symbols from Quincy Jones to Pharell, Whoopi and Morgan Freeman?
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    2) With Chilean and Pakistani movies getting awards and a Bollywood actress presenting one, should Nollywood give up on any hopes of any such spotlight?
    3) Do the difference in the number and nature of categories (eg best sound mix) in the Oscars and what we have here a major pointer to how under-developed and unbalanced our ethics and reward systems are?
    4) Were the Compton vox pop exposing black street ignorance to Hollywood’s activities and the use of Public Enemies’ ‘Fight The Power’ to close the show not the peak of sacarsm on the issue?
    5) Shouldn’t someone be fired for placing the AMVCA days away from this SI unit of what a movie award should be about and look like? …Read More

    Source:: The NET