Just like the old days! Weird MC, Styl-Plus, Blackky and Jazzman thrill guests at #LLAM3


    Blackky, Weird Mc and Styl Plus thrilled guests at Darey’s Love Like A Movie 3
    Darey’s Love Like A Movie 3 entered a new mode as veteran acts took to the stage back to back to thrill the guests to songs that rocked the country over a decade ago.
    Blackky opened the session with a performance of his 90s hit, ‘Rosie’ followed by Shifi and Zeal of Stylplus who turned up without the third member of the group, Tunde.
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    Styl Plus performed Olufunmi and ‘Imagine That’ to the excitement of all present. The oldskool session was further lightened by Jazzman who thrilled the crowd with his debut solo single, ‘Raise the roof’.
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    Acclaimed first female rapper, Weird MC closed the session with her usual energetic performance as she shot down the building with ‘Ijoya’. …Read More

    Source:: The NET