Kevin Hart hopes to host the Oscars in future


    Kevin Hart wants to host the Oscars. Photo: Filed
    Kevin Hart wants to host the Oscars when ‘the time is right’.
    The 36-year-old comedian believes he will be asked to front the ceremony which has been mired in controversy due to the lack of diversity in this year’s nominations when things are ‘a lot more positive’ and the ‘time is right’.
    He admitted: ‘I think when I do eventually host the Oscars I think that the time will be right.
    ‘I think that the setting will be a lot more positive than what it is today.’
    Though a number of stars boycotted the ceremony because of the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, Kevin attended and thinks that will also send a positive message.
    He told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: ‘This is a sticky year for the Oscars, a very sticky year. I don’t think you go to the Oscars this year and not make your presence felt.
    ‘Not in an ignorant way but in a conservative, professional way. So people understand that you do understand the importance of values and issues and bringing people together, which is ultimately what we all want.’ …Read More

    Source:: The NET