Why I still don’t feel pity for Tiwa Savage


    By ‘Segun Odejimi

    I really never saw a need to write a 400-word post about my take, from what we’ve been presented with, on the Tiwa Savage / Tee Billz saga and here’s the reason.

    In Nigeria, when you express an opinion about how you feel someone should have done something differently, the question that you get thrown at you is, ‘Have you done… before?’

    Say you think a film is crappy and you’re asked,’ Have you ever made a film before?’ Say you think Buhari could have handled the Fulani herdsmen – or as Chris Ogunlowo jokingly put it, kingsmen – situation a bit better, they ask, “Have you ever been president of a country?’ The most annoying? Say a footballer should have done something differently on the pitch and you get the did you ever play football question.

    And knowing that I have never been married, I thought it was best to keep my lengthy post to myself. Another reason is, Tiwa and TJ don’t know who I am. Even if they do, what are the chances my post changes their already made-up minds? Next to nil!

    When Jamil had just arrived

    Thirdly, many wise fellas have decided to see this saga as a man vs woman who-is-better-and-superior-and-guilty contest. Meaning if as a man, I say that I think Tiwa was foolish, it automatically means I’m anti-woman-worldwide.

    Somehow though, I still went ahead to post something on my Facebook wall. And BAM! I suddenly become ‘one of them.’

    But I’m not, and here’s why.

    There are ALWAYS three sides to a story, especially one that happens to two people or groups. There’s SIDE A, SIDE B and THE TRUTH. In this case, Tee Billz’s Instagram noise; Tiwa Savage’s interview and the truth. This doesn’t mean, however, that I think Tiwa’s side was …Read More

    Source:: The NET