Asa live in Lagos: 120 minutes of ‘Beautiful Imperfection’


    For a street boy and lover of pop sound, an Asa concert doesn’t quite make one’s to-do list.

    But then again, the world knows that Asa makes beautiful world-class music and if one is an entertainment journalist it’s a call of duty one can’t ignore to attend any concert of hers.

    So after overcoming many internal struggles, I found myself at Eko Hotel for the first ever Asa concert in Lagos.

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    It was a beautiful audience (note: audience NOT crowd) and Isaac Gerald did an impressive job as the first performer. He somehow set the mood for the night and we were all hyped.

    4 more acts, Falana, Khalil, Bez and Racheal Kerr followed in quick succession and you can’t but appreciate their pure talents, creativity and passion. It was live music (No ‘DJ Track 2′) at it’s best all the way.

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    At exactly 9:45pm, the host, Olisa Adibua introduced the star of the night, Asa to the stage and the audience went wild for her. She stepped out in her signature glasses, sequin cape dress and she was bare-footed.

    The host, Olisa Adibua
    The host, Olisa Adibua

    Before exiting the stage, Olisa also announced that she’ll perform for 2 hours (Holy Jesus! How do I sit through 2-120 minutes of a solo Asa performance). I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that thought ‘How was an artist going to perform nonstop for 2 hours without any dull moment?’ Lo and behold, we were all pleasantly surprised.

    Asa’s energy level didn’t drop for a minute. So engaging was it that I watched as virtually everyone sang and danced along to every …Read More

    Source:: The NET