‘I am no longer responsible for Majek Fashek’ – Warri businessman, Ayiri Emami


    Billionaire businessman, Ayiri Emami who was reported to have facilitated the rehabilitation of reggae musician, Majek Fashek has revealed the singer is no longer under his care.

    According to the businessman who was hailed for his kind gestures in enrolling Majek for rehabilitation in Abuja following the singer’s widely reported alleged drug abuse, he has severed ties with the ‘rainmaker’.

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    I wanted him to relax in Warri for sometime after his rehabilitation, but against my wish and that of the doctors he left the rehab home, went back to Lagos and started doing music. Everything he needed was provided for him. He wanted to be signed onto my record label but I told him no, so people won’t say that was why I picked him up to help him, but I assured him I will get him a good record label and a manager who would take care of him, but soon after that he went to Lagos the minute I left Nigeria for a short trip. I even wanted to buy him a car, do many things for him. As I speak he is no longer under my care‘ he revealed to Punch.

    When reached however, Majek told the publication in a counter-claim that he still has a working relationship with the Warri Chief.

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    ‘We are still doing business together, but it is not like it used to be,’ he said, before going on to deny the allegation that he left Ayiri because the billionaire didn’t honour his request for money.

    It is not like that. I am an American-trained musician. When I was in America, I studied music and music business. …Read More

    Source:: The NET