Lawmaker advocates death penalty for looters


Deputy Whip of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Omotayo Oduntan, proposed that the death penalty, be extended to public officeholders who embezzle funds, to serve as a deterrent to others.
Oduntan made the call during a programmed tagged, ‘Time Out With The Press’ organised by correspondents for lawmakers in the House at the Assembly complex recently.
According to her, if capital punishment is introduced for public officers who dip their hands into the national treasury it will reduce embezzlement.
The lawmaker who represents Alimosho II also advised that such public officials who embezzled the type of humongous sums of money that is being reeled out on a daily basis by newspapers needs to be taken to psychiatrist hospital to have their brains examined to see if they are normal.
She said, accumulation of such huge sum of money and property that will last up to their fifth generation would only make their children wayward and unserious “because they have so much money to play around with and at the end of the day the children end up not being useful to themselves, their parents, anybody and the society at large.”
On death sentence for kidnappers, she said she is in support of the death sentence as prescribed by the National Assembly members.
She however advised the Federal Government to provide more jobs for Nigerians as joblessness is partly responsible for the increase in cases of kidnapping.
“Joblessness is partly responsible for the spate of kidnapping; by the time somebody graduates from school and stays at home jobless for three to ten years, they take to kidnapping to survive.
“If more jobs are provided kidnapping will be on the decrease, because joblessness is part of the reason why people take to kidnapping after waiting for three to 10 years without job, they resort to kidnapping,” she said.

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Source:: Nigerian Pilot