Plateau: Inflation hits tomatoes by 1,000%


Price of tomatoes has gone up by 1,000 per cent in Jos and environs in Plateau State, a market survey by the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, has shown.
Findings from those that visited some of the markets and other selling points on Thursday, found out that the commodity had gone beyond the reach of the average Nigerian.
At the Terminus Market in Jos, a small basket of the commodity, which used to be N350, was selling for N3, 500, even as a big basket of the commodity, which sold for N1, 000 about two months ago, now costs N10, 000.
The story was the same at the Tudun Wada Market in Jos North Local Government, where a medium basket of the commodity, which sold for N550 in March, was sold for N5,600.
It was found that those seeking to buy the commodity at N150 were told by the retailers that it was impossible to sell any quantity of tomatoes at that price.
One of the retailers of the commodity, Mrs. Nanret Abimu, said, “Honestly, I do not know why the price is this high. The price changes every day. One day a basket is N5, 000. The next day, you are told it is N10,000. It is a very tough situation,” she explained.
Further investigation showed that the price increase was caused by seasonal changes, especially at the onset of the rains.
“This is generally a dry season for vegetables. When heavy rains starts, the vegetable gets rotten on the farms, which generally affects supply.
“It means that many retailers or wholesalers could go directly to the farms but will not get much and may be forced to purchase at outrageous prices out of desperation.
“When that happens, the effect is on the buyer and the eventual consumer, which is what we have now,” she said, while some …Read More

Source:: Nigerian Pilot