5 things Nollywood taught me this past week


    By ‘Segun Odejimi

    It wasn’t so much of an electrifying week in the world of Nollywood. Though, there was news about a Nigerian who made a film about outgoing US president, Barack Obama as well as news about Walt Banger leading the way of three Nigerian films selected for the 2016 Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF).

    Lancelot Imasuen‘s ATM premiered during the week and there was the usual, and now even more regular, clapbacks between fan and ‘star’.

    Bishop Umoh also bagged a political appointment in his home state.

    Here are 5 things I learned.

    1. All these MOPICON review people are comedians. If it wasn’t previously obvious, there was further confirmation in the course of the week. Only that their jokes are too dry to actually laugh at. A leak of the ‘modified’ draft Bill and code of ethics proves this much. There is hardly any change between the one that caused furore and this one. Well, maybe that it is now shorter and with a bit more grammatical errors. Actors in the house, you’re still not permitted to be on more than one project at once. Directors too. SMH!

    2. African Booty Scratcher is one comedy series to watch out for. At least, that’s what watching the trailer feels like. This comedy about to be served us by Damilare Sonoiki tells a story of a family of Nigerian immigrants and their struggle to balance wanting a better life for their son with wanting him to maintain their traditional values and cultural identity.

    But if, after the promise of the trailer, the series turns out as crap, that will be my trailer ‘trustability’ gone for life.

    African Booty Scratcher

    A scene from the trailer of ‘African Booty Scratcher’

    3. Foluke Daramola has broken the record for most-trash-spoken-at-once; …Read More

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