Charly Boy says men are the weaker sex in marriages

    charly boy

    In light of Tiwa Savage‘s marital troubles with her estranged husband Tee Billz, Charles Oputa popularly known as Charly Boy had promised to embark on giving advice to couples in troubled marriages.

    Making true that promise, Charly Boy has penned his first piece, declaring men as the weaker sex in today’s marriages.

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    TODAYS MEN ARE THE WEAKER SEX,‘ he emphatically stated.

    ‘From my marriage counselling experience, I have come to the conclusion that most men of today are the weaker sex, at least emotionally.

    How many of us can control our emotions that we resort to using our wives as punching bags, abusing alcohol, or other methods of lashing out because we are not emotionally strong enough to hold our cool.

    A lot of us can’t keep up with both working a full time job and managing a household, raising children to the extent that women do everyday. I know some of you would say, that’s not a man’s department.’

    He also highlighted men’s vulnerability to social vices as a major cause for the rise in marriage failures.

    ‘I have come to the conclusion that we need women more than the women need us. If not for our money or our sperm, women really have no real need for us.

    Men are big babies because they always want everything to be about them and the women know this and know how to massage/manipulate our ego.

    Most men can’t really control their sexual urge, that’s why some of us can have sex even with our housemaids or anything in skirts.’

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    Source:: The NET