Forget Forbes! J. Cole earned ‘Mo Money’ than any other rapper in 2015

    J. Cole

    Do you know J. Cole‘s touring, hit album and publishing actually earned him $8.8 million in 2015, more than any other rapper that year?

    Drake‘s success over the years may have landed him on The Forbes Five list of Hip Hop’s wealthiest artistes, but the business end of 2015 belonged to J. Cole, who topped all hip hop artistes on Billboard’s Music’s Top Earners list.

    Billboard compiled and released a ‘highest-paid musicians’ of 2015 list that featured the earnings of 40 singers, rappers and musicians across different genres.

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    Unsurprisingly, Taylor Swift topped the list raking in $75.3 million in revenue in 2015. Hip hop artistes were sparse on the list with just four appearing.

    Nicki Minaj made $6.3 million, Drake $7.4 million and The Weeknd $8.6 million.

    However J. Cole topped them all with $8.8 million in earnings, ranking at #27 overall.

    The greater portion of Cole’s pot came through his HBO documented performances, with touring accounting for $5.5 million of the total. He made $1.1 million off publishing, and $1.5 million were attributed to actual music sales.

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    Source:: The NET