Nigeria’s millennials hooked on TheNETng

    The NET remains the best place to catch up with the brightest Nigerian stars

    Recent figures have shown that TheNETng has achieved a strong first quarter in 2016, clocking cumulative page views of 6.7 million and 3.6 million sessions, with 53.9% of these being return visitors and 46.1% checking in as new users.

    The NET had 6.7 million cumulative views in the first quarter

    Most crucially, with nearly 78% of NET readers currently being part of the country’s 70-million strong youth population, the BHM Group-owned website continues to gain ground among Nigeria’s millennials.

    Millennials are categorised as individuals born from 1982 to about 20 years thereafter.

    Over 3 million total sessions in the first quarter

    In Q1, the 18-34 age bracket remain drawn to NET, accounting for 63.7% of total sessions, with mobile phones remaining the primary mode of access, while there is a shift in desktop usage figures surpassing tablet use this year.

    Over 80% of sessions (2,956,359) were achieved via mobile, with desktop computers and tablets taking a 15% (559,334) and 3% (107,917) slice respectively.

    Over 80% of sessions were via mobile

    The numbers also show a 116% increase in the use of mobile phones to access NET, compared to the corresponding quarter last year (38% in 2015 – 82% in 2016)

    Since January this year, TheNETng has received over 10,618,302 video views on Facebook alone, buoyed by its over 236,000 fans. …Read More

    Source:: The NET