‘Why my siblings and I are theatre practitioners’ – Nollywood actor, Fred Amata

    Fred Amata 2

    Nollywood actor and president of Directors Guild of Nigeria, Fred Amata has explained why he and all his siblings are professional actors.

    The actor’s three siblings- Zack, Ruke and Mena Amata, are household names in Nollywood.

    Fred, whose late father John Amata was a famous Nigerian playwright and actor, told TheNETng that growing up watching their father’s films was a big influence for him and his siblings.

    Fred Amata
    Fred, his elder brother, Ruke and his nephew, Jeta Amata on set.

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    In his words:

    ‘I was born into a legacy of creativity. My father was a filmmaker. My father in 1957 made what is considered the earliest film in full colour ever shot in Africa. The film was called ‘Freedom’. It was an advocacy film. In fact it is relevant in today’s present crisis in Nigeria.

    ‘It was pre-independence and it was talking about an imaginary country that had Talakawas, Babalawos etc. The colonial government was about going out and the Africans were about taking over power. So the film was screened a lot. The film became so popular that it was translated into about 100 languages, because my dad traveled the entire world.

    ‘The film was premiered at the San Francisco Film Festival in the same 1957. It was shown in Berlin in 1957. And all of my growing up years, it was screened in Ibadan, Kaduna and everywhere in Nigeria.

    ‘So, I grew up wanting to be like my father because he was like the lead in the film. So I grew up wanting to be like my father and I suspect all my siblings also grew up wanting to be like him. And so …Read More

    Source:: The NET