Charly Boy’s new love exchange with wife, Lady D would leave Shakespeare speechless

    Charly Boy and Lady Di have been married for almost four decades
    Charly Boy and Lady Di have been married for almost four decades

    Married for 38 years, you could be forgiven for thinking Charles Oputa popularly known as Charly Boy just got married to Diane a few months ago.

    With the candle of their love still burning fiercely – like their personalities – the couple rarely hold anything back when expressing their desire and affection towards each other.

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    Having seemingly been through a lot in their marital journey – Lady Di’s claim of Area Fada‘s philandering comes to mind – the eccentric couple took their love expressions to a new dimension today.

    ‘Lady Di, Maka Chukwu you are the highest… That is why I like to scuttle your puttle… Like you to spiddle my paddle… Tonight let’s tickle our wickle… I will brundle your strundle… And you will frondle my ding… After all these years, hummmmmm… I’m still completely nuts about you… Charly Boy,’ reads a recent poem exchanged between the duo on Instagram.

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    The knock-your-teeth-out poem was then duly captioned by the 64-year-old with: Lady D of live! Evergreen! Woman crush! Me love u tey tey