Actor Yemi Solade addresses posting picture of Cynthia Morgan beside a cow, denies knowing the singer

    Yemi Solade denies knowing who Cynthia Morgan is
    Yemi Solade denies knowing Cynthia Morgan

    Apparently, not everyone is familiar with Cynthia Morgan as ace Nollywood actor, Yemi Solade has shown.

    Earlier in the week, the 56-year-old actor ignorantly posted a picture of the dancehall act who is notoriously known for her fashionable nose-ring beside a picture of a cow.

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    After being attacked for obviously shading Morgan, the actor claimed he didn’t know who the singer was. This stance he maintained in a recent chat with Punch.

    Yemi posted a picture of Cynthia Morgan beside a cow
    Yemi posted a picture of Cynthia Morgan beside a cow

    I don’t know why people would think I would post a negative picture against someone. An artiste from Tanzania sent the picture to me. I saw it and I did not know who Cynthia Morgan is, I have just heard some of her tracks. When I saw the picture, it was funny to me, so I posted it about two nights ago. It was a contact of mine on BBM that called my attention to it that the person in the picture was Cynthia Morgan. I immediately put it down but before I went there, a blogger had picked it up and was making a big deal out of it,’ he said.

    Although Yemi claims to have heard some of Morgan’s songs, he maintained he doesn’t know her in person and wouldn’t hesitate to say it to her face.

    ‘I am too old for all that. I was just creating fun; I did not even know who the person was. I did not know she is a Nigerian. I posted about 15 pictures that day that I thought were funny including that …Read More

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