Nigeria: The wilderness, the journey and the Promised land

    President Buhari.
    By Shola Ijanusi
    President Buhari.
    Nigeria’s case today reminds me of the people of Isreal, The Promised Land and Moses.
    The similarities are so obvious in that in Exodus after Moses rescued the Israelites from Egypt. Their hopes were as high as it could ever be, since they were en-route the land filled with milk and honey.
    They knew not of the wilderness, in fact the wilderness became tougher to handle than being slaves in Egypt.
    Prior to entry, however, they became convinced they could not oust the current inhabitants of the land, even though God told them they would.
    My people the wilderness is where we are today, the mistake a lot of us ‘including the government’ make is that we listen to/and make promises without acknowledging what it will take to get to that promise done.
    And the main problem is that as humans a high percentage of us want to be Dangote, but we do not want to go through what Dangote went through to become Dangote lol – even God’s own people requested to go back to Egypt, when the tribulations came.
    Did they not realise that travelling from Egypt to Canaan by foot was going to be a heck of a journey??? So this days I hear people talk about the previous regime being better and I don’t know why Moses keeps coming back to mind.
    To make it worse we are Nigerians and we only believe in instant ‘Everything’, if you stay in queue in a Nigerian bank you will understand this.
    In conclusion because my battery is about to die and we haven’t had electricity for 3 days: I don’t know what future the present administration holds, but I still want to believe it will be better.
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    Source:: The NET