‘I’m tired of that sh*t’ – Rapper Snoop Dogg condemns movies on slavery

    Snoop condemns continuous racial profiling
    Snoop condemns continued focus on slavery

    Following the recent premiere of a remake of the classic slavery-themed movie, ‘Roots’, Snoop Dogg has spoken out against the continued depiction of racial injustice towards black people in movies.

    The movie which was originally based on Alex Haley‘s Pulitzer prize-winning novel was released in 1977, but has now been remade featuring stars like T.I, Forest Whitaker and Lawrence Fishburn.

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    Snoop, real name Calvin Broadus, is however not impressed with the continued coverage of black people’s plight at the hands of their slave masters, saying the story is already over-flogged and there are better achievements of the black race that can be celebrated.

    ‘No disrespect, but I can’t watch no mo’ mothaf*ckin’ Black movies with niggas getting dogged out,’ Snoop said in an Instagram clip. ‘12 Years a Slave, Roots, Underground. I can’t watch none of that shit. I’m sick of this shit. How the f*ck they going to put Roots on, on Memorial Day? They going to just to keep beating that shit into our heads about how they did us, huh?

    ‘When y’all gonna make a muthaf*ckin’ series about the success that Black folks is having?’ he continued. ‘The only success we have is Roots and 12 Years a Slave and shit like that huh?’

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    He called for a boycott of the movie, asking for more coverage and focus on black people’s noble strides.

    ‘F*ck y’all. I ain’t watching that shit, and I advise you muthaf*cka that’s real niggas like myself. F*ck them television shows. Let’s create our own shit based on today, how we live and how we inspire people today. Black is what’s real. F*ck that old shit,’ he further said.

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