Runtown claims his record label boss once pulled a GUN on him


    The messy fight between Nigerian pop star, Runtown and his record label ‘Eric Manny‘ owned by Okwudili Umenyiora continues to get dirtier.

    The label has already got a Federal High Court injunction preventing Runtown from performing at any event or any form of recording for the time being unless with the approval of his label.

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    While Runtown responded through his lawyers by terminating his contract, he has now revealed more dirty details about his relationship with his record label boss.

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    Acording to Runtown in a tell-all interview, ‘In 2014, I went to London, and the label started calling me and saying that ‘Why didn’t I tell anyone before going to London?’ I didn’t go to London for shows or anything, I went there for vacation. When I got back, I went to Mr Dilly’s house, and he started ranting, and asking ‘Why did I travel?’ I told him that it’s just like travelling to Enugu to see my mum, that it’s just London, just like anywhere, that the contract does not state that I cannot have personal travels’.

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    He continued to say, ‘The next thing, He (Dilly) pulled out a gun, and threatened me, and said he was going to f***k me up. I felt scared and confused. I didn’t go to London to do a show and they found out. I went there for my vacation. So the threats kept going on’.

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    Source:: The NET