‘Anyone who says Buhari is sick is telling lies’ – Femi Adesina

    Buhari, in white, hosted Anglican archbishops at Aso Rock on Friday.

    Buhari prays with Anglican archbishops at Aso Rock on Friday.

    Aso Rock has debunked President Muhammadu Buhari‘s reported sickness.

    Buhari is reported to be suffering from a disease affecting his hearing and balance. But Buhari’s media aide, Femi Adesina, said anyone saying the president is sick is lying.

    Adesina is quoted to have said on Saturday:

    ‘Didn’t you see pictures of him receiving Anglican bishops yesterday (Friday)? Did he look sick? The president is as fit as a fiddle. Anyone who says he is sick is telling lies. That is a figment of the person’s imagination. Just yesterday he received the primate of the Anglican Communion and archbishops at the presidential villa. He also received former President Olusegun Obasanjo. He is hale and hearty. The imagination of whoever says that is on overdrive.’

    But Adesina didn’t clarify on why Buhari has now failed to attend three major functions that would have taken him outside Abuja.

    He excused that by saying:

    ‘The presidency is one. The president has a right to delegate duties to his deputy, who is the vice-president, and that is what he has done.’

    Buhari, 73, spent a better part of his first year in office travelling the world but has failed to attend two major local functions in recent time.

    One of them is his aborted trip to Lagos. He also failed to show up for the historic flag-off of Niger Delta clean up.

    Vice President Osinbajo represented him on both occasions. The VP will also be representing Buhari at a regional summit in Senegal, Aso Rock said in a statement.

    Reports say Buhari’s ill health would not allow him travel out side Abuja as such would be too stressful for him.

    It is even being reported that Buhari is now being treated at the State House Clinic and could be flown abroad ‘If his condition doesn’t improve’.

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    Source:: The NET