These 8 PHOTOS will convince you that AKA and Bonang Matheba are dating

    South African rapper, AKA and media girl, Bonang Matheba.
    South African rapper, AKA and media girl, Bonang Matheba.

    While AKA is a popular rapper on the African continent, Bonang Matheba was only known in South Africa until news broke in the last quarter of 2014 that she was dating Nigerian pop star, D’banj.

    PHOTOS: D’banj parties with Bonang Matheba in South Africa

    Bonang instantly became a person of interest to the Nigerian media. Neither of them have admitted that they are in a relationship even though they have shown a couple of PDAs and given several hints on social media.

    Dbanj and Bonang Matheba.

    Then in 2015, AKA came into the picture. His baby mama had just given birth to their child and his relationship was troubled. He seemed to enjoy Bonang’s company and they began spending a lot of time together, going on vacations and sharing suggestive photos and captions on social media.

    They are yet to publicly admit to dating but they keep dropping hints and signs.

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