M.I Abaga VS Milli: Who took the first shot? – By Adedayo Showemimo

    MI Abaga and Milli.
    MI Abaga and Milli.

    A few days ago, former Choc City rapper, Milli released a lengthy piece explaining why and how he left the record label.

    In the piece, he blamed the president of the label, M.I Abaga for frustrating him out of the label. In his words, ‘M.I. really went deep, calling me disloyal for leaving the family and so on. People in the label office stopped talking to me. It became difficult for me to work with Reinhard, my producer that I introduced to M.I’.

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    After reading his piece, I flashed back to MI Abaga’s track ‘Everything‘ that was released in April 2016 off his last mixtape, Illegal Music 3, and couldn’t help but take note of some punchlines that sounded like shots against Milli.

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    ‘Gotta get a broom, I got some roaches in my cupboard. If a nigga tripping, I can do without the luggage. People left the family and started chatting rubbish. Gangsters move in silence I gat shit that I can publish. Loyal to the core till the business is established, I can never walk away and leave my family famished’.

    Listen to Everything by MI Abaga HERE

    Just as I was digesting these lyrics, a message popped up on my Whatsapp, and it was a Youtube link of Milli’s trailer for his new video ‘Unlooking’.

    In the 59 second clip, a masked guy in a black hood stepped out of a car with a crown and gasoline in hand, dropped the crown and set it on fire.

    In the hip-hop world, pundits explain the burning of crown in Milli’s new video as, ‘as a fearless and semi-direct statement to M.I’.

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