Tyga now asking for money from ex, Blac Chyna?


    That is what Radar Online is claiming, just weeks after claiming that Kylie Jenner was demanding Tyga to start repaying the $2 million she lent him over the course of their relationship which Kylie has since denied. Now they claim he’s turned to pregnant Blac Chyna;

    Insiders tell Radar Online

    “Blac Chyna has been making mysterious payments to Tyga.”

    “Tyga is always pleading for cash, and he’s been hitting Chyna up for loans on the quiet for a while now.”

    “He’s always hitting up people for loans, but it’s pretty low to be asking Chyna, whose been burning a hole in Rob‘s wallet since the day they met. She uses his money for everything, even bank-rolling her ex!”

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    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog