Young Nigerian man calls out 2 girls who claim to be his girlfriends on Instagram


    An Usman Shagari took to Instagram to warn two young women who have been going around telling people that he is their boyfriends. He wrote;

    “It has been brought to my attention that a certain @jessica___cole and her friend ‘Sarah’ whose Instagram has not been disclosed to me have been going around telling people I am dating them. She has on numerous occasion lied that she is my girlfriend and I came to Abuja in February to see her when I was in fact still in London at the time.
    Jessica and Sarah are both pathetic and compulsive liars, they had to audacity to say I wanted to run away with her and start a family but I can’t because I’m Muslim. I have NEVER met nor had any contact with any of these liars prior to finding out what has been going on. Apparently Jessica is based in Lagos and ‘Sarah’ is light skinned and based in Abuja. If people that are close to Jessica can help me identify and embarrass the so called Sarah girl it would be appreciated. Any girl who currently tells you im dating or seeing her here in Nigeria is lying and should provide you simple evidence such as my personal number or a picture of us together or even me following her back”

    And the lady replied him…

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    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog