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    You are about to read a story of a woman who at 37 years of age had never been to a pool, never owned a bikini and was so out of shape, flabby and couldn’t bear to look at herself naked in the mirror.
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    But ironically I was too stressed and overworked to stop and think about my own body, health and well-being. Always thought I could never be “in shape” let alone fit, healthy or strong. I was afraid of physical exertion and never exercised.

    I was discouraged and disappointed with my life. I felt trapped in a “role” I hadn’t truly chosen and had lost sight of the most meaningful dreams and deepest desires I once had.My body and spirit paid the price. Though I wasn’t extremely overweight, I was horribly out of shape – and my perfectly proper executive suit hid a body covered with flabby fat …Read More

    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog