‘I almost got lynched yesterday’ – LIB reader Onyx Godwin shares terrifying experience


    Popular LIB reader, Onyx Godwin shares his very terrifying experience below…

    It was rainy, and I was taking my little sister to go trim her hair at the saloon. I usually don’t go outside anytime I’m in this area because of fear of getting lynched or attacked. It almost happened yesterday.

    While walking with my sister, a guy told a bike man that I’m gay, and I want to f**k his yansh. He said it loudly, so I heard. The bike man in turn spoke Hausa to the other bike men around, and they were staring and started speaking in Hausa,i got scared,but had to walk anyway, immediately i walked past them,this guy shouted to this bike man,that “if him catch you, him go f**k your yansh o”,the bike men were still talking and pointing at me,luckily nothing happened.

    Walking back,in this same street, another guy stopped me,and said “why you dey shake waist waka?” I didn’t answer, he dragged me back and say “i go treat your fuck up if you no talk”, then i answered ” God “,then he said ” na lie,how God go create man when dey shake waist? If we catch you ehn,we go beat you die”,then our tenant, a matured man,was walking down and saw me and my sister with them,and said they should leave me alone and i should go.

    That was how i was “saved”, this was a close call,i was really scared,i don’t feel safe anymore,i can’t even go out without fear,me and others like me need to be protected by our constitution, the 14yr jail term for homosexuality doesn’t help at all,infact,it enables violence against effeminate men and even any body can …Read More

    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog