President Buhari and his Potty Trained Minister – By Reno Omokri


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    Psychologists say that when you spend time with a person who has a strong and dominant personality, you must consciously watch out against the possibility of being overwhelmed by that personality to the extent where you find yourself taking on some of their traits. Being a pastor, I have seen this up close and personal.

    In larger churches, many pastors often adopt, not the personality of Yehoshua (wrongly called Jesus) the Son of God, but that of the senior man in their ministry. If the senior pastor wears a Jheri curl, they wear one too. If he has certain peculiar mannerisms, they cultivate it within themselves. If he dresses a particular way, they ape him. If he has a real or effected accent, they acquire it. In short, they begin to act less like themselves and more like their pastor.

    It is human nature. Boys want to marry women like their mothers and girls subliminally drift towards men who treat them like their fathers. This Oedipus complex-esque behavior is right now playing itself in Nigeria. The dictatorial nature of President Muhammadu Buhari, which has manifested itself in several ways, chief of which are his pronouncements on cases which are still in court, appear to be having a contagious effect amongst members of his cabinet.

    Those around the President seem to think that Nigeria is one big barrack where all Nigerians live as unquestioning robots ready to do their bidding ‘with immediate effect and automatic alacrity’. How else could one describe the recent threat by the minister of labour, Mr. Chris Ngige, who ‘directed’ commercial banks not to down size their staff strength and made a thinly veiled threat to revoke their license should they fail …Read More

    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog