Oscar Pistorius breaks down in tears & walks without prosthetic limbs in courtroom as he pleads for lighter sentence

    In today’s court hearing at Pretoria High Court, athlete Oscar Pistorius stunned everyone when he removed his prosthetic limbs and walked round the courtroom in a desperate emotional bid by him and his defense team to prove to the Judge that he didn’t intentionally murder ex-girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2013.

    The South African runner was asked to take off his artificial legs by his defence attorney Barry Roux who said it will be “embarrassing” for his client.

    The weeping athlete removed his prostheses and began to walk in court where he appeared to be in pain and struggled to maintain his balance. He held onto a desk for support as Mr Roux pointed at him and said this was a man who was frightened by a noise at 3am.
    The star of the London Olympics looked humiliated and distressed as he was asked to remove his prosthetic limbs and expose his stumps to the televised hearing which will decide what punishment he will face.
    His t-shirt wet with sweat and his red eyes filled with tears, Pistorius paused at the side of the court to remove his prosthetic limbs in the full view of the packed court as his defense counsel argued that he was too weak emotionally to serve a prison sentence .
    ”We don’t have to be psychologists” to see Pistorius is a broken man,Defense lawyer Roux tells the Judge.
    Roux points out that Pistorius’ original planned release from prison – approved by the parole board – was delayed after a government minister intervened. This has not happened to anyone else, he says. Why …Read More

    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog