Sex scandal: House of Rep member writes US Ambassador, says he was ill and couldn’t have had sex while in the US

    One of the House of Representatives members, Samuel Ikon pictured, who alongside two others have been accused of sexual misconduct while in the US for an official assignment in April this year, have written to the US Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle, asking that a thorough investigation be carried out on the matter so that his name will be cleared.
    In the letter, Ikon stated that he is a happily married man who does not need to find comfort in the arms of any prostitute. According to him, he was ill all through out his stay in the US and as a result could not have had sex. Read the full text of his letter after the cut…
    James F. Entwistle
    Ambassador of United State of America
    Abuja, Nigeria.
    It is with a deep sense of sadness and great hurt that I write to respond to a letter dated June 9, 2016 addressed to the Rt. Hon. Speaker of the House of Representatives of Nigeria, copied to me and signed by you, alleging that I, Hon. Samuel Ikon, with Hon. Mark Gbillah requested hotel parking attendants assist us solicit prostitutes.
    Let me state unequivocally sir that this allegation is not just false, but in bad taste. I Hon. Samuel Ikon never on that trip, nor on any trip to the US or anywhere in this world, ever sought to consort with prostitutes. This act would not only be inimical to my health, but totally unacceptable to my faith.
    May I draw your attention Mr. Ambassador to the fact that I almost did not make that trip due to my state of health, a situation that was well known to your …Read More

    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog