100% Stretch Marks and Vagina Rejuvenation!! What’s your take?


    Stretch Marks: Stretch marks occur when the skin does not bounce back after it has been stretched due to pregnancy, rapid weight gain, extreme weight loss, or use of toning and bleaching products. Hence, stretch marks seem to be caused, literally, by stretching of the skin.

    Many have asked how effective and real the treatment of stretch marks is. Some even wish the stretch marks could disappear overnight; the truth is that we can assure you the best treatment that can rejuvenate and bring back the beauty of your skin.

    How We Work
    We use the fraxel or fractional laser (simply called the CO2 laser) in the treatment of stretch marks.

    With a fraxel or CO2 laser, you are sure of the result of treatment. This laser works on two principles, which is removing some layer of the skin involved and also sending heat to the dermis to stimulate more collagen formation.

    The first few days after treatment, there would be reddening and darkening of the area involved with exfoliation and discomfort.Subsequently, there will be total removal of the stretch mark in the involved area because of new skin and collagen formation in the involved area.

    The down time is between 2-4 weeks and you are sure of a clear new skin. This procedure requires multiple sessions especially if they are old stretch marks.
    The areas treated with the CO2 laser or fraxel laser might be sore for some days but the skin strength and integrity is restored back in no time. Other functions of the CO2 laser include vaginal tightening, resurfacing acne scars, post burn scars remodeling keloids excision hypertrophic scars remodeling wrinkles resurfacing pigment removal, skin resurfacing etc.

    There is also the option of micro needling, derma brasion and chemical peeling with combined use of medical products to cause new cell renewal and collagen stimulation. …Read More

    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog