Mrs. Udoka came across the solution to her Uterine Fibroids, Hear what she shared after taking quick action


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    “I finally successfully shrunk my fibroids enough so that I could avoid surgeries, and so that I no longer have all those horrible side effects of fibroids, such as continuous heaving bleeding, and painful periods. There was a time when I was taking pain pills everyday just to get rid of the cramps. Sometimes I had to take sick days from work because my periods were so painful.

    I avoided going to places on the first days of my cycle because I would bleed so much, and I had to be near a bathroom to change my tampons every hour.

    Sex was painful, I was extremely emotional and irritable because my hormones were out of control. I became depressed over my situation. I was easily annoyed. Then I would become extremely tired from being anemic from losing so much blood. Do any of these symptoms sound like what’s happening to you? I had a lot of other bad symptoms as well like hormonal adult acne, cysts in my breasts, dry hair, dry eyes. People with fibroids can suffer from infertility and have an increased chance of a miscarriage or premature birth if they get pregnant while they have large fibroids. Although fibroid tumors are not cancerous, they still invade your body and they can reap havoc on your life. More info… here:

    I tried a lot of medications, I had 2 myomectomies to remove the fibroids, but after about 5 years or so the fibroids grew back after each surgery. The surgeries only gave me relief from the fibroids for about 5 years, and then the fibroids started growing back. Also, unfortunately, the surgeries didn’t heal my hormonal imbalance problems, so I still had …Read More

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