Gwyneth Paltrow says she’s worried about her daughter wearing very short skirts and makeup

    Speaking at the China Exchange in London, the 43-year-old actress opened up on her struggles raising an adolescent child and her fears her daughter could be brainwashed into seeing provocativeness as empowering.

    ‘It is concerning because I think there is a very denigrating set of imagery and behaviours happening. Women are so powerful and so capable and to have it inferred that you have to generate yourself in any way to be likeable is abhorrent to me. With my daughter I try to find a balance of being an example for her as a woman who … works and tries not to go out in public naked.‘I am her mum but at the same time I want her to express herself. Sometimes it is hard when she is wearing something really, really short and a lot of make-up and I have to resist the instinct as I want her to experiment and find her own identity.

    ‘It is an interesting balance right now being a mother of a coming-of-age girl as there are a lot of conflicting messages in our culture.’

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    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog