I Got My Life Back on Track thanks to SlimTea

    Slimtea continues to effect lives in the most positive ways yet, Read a beautiful extract from a testimonial from a satisfied customer,

    “I have always been a big girl and I love it. I guess it is in my genes because mum, dad, big bro and kid sis are all chubby. After a visit at the doctors, I realised my cholesterol level was high and had to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I needed to change my diet and workout routine; and gosh that sounded like a lot work but I did it anyway. This was a struggle, a very big one. I had long working hours and the traffic back home was always crazy, which made snacking an easier option for me.
    Although this was working, it was not at the pace I wanted it to. I began to feel exhausted, discouraged and less likely to continue. I needed a solution that was also effective but less exhausting. As an ardent LIBer, browsing through her blog and enjoying juicy gossip, I came across a SlimTea ad. My first thought was, these Chinese people have come with all these their funny teas, but because I was somewhat desperate I decided to try it out; what different will it make anyway I thought.
    To my utmost surprise, I became light-weight, I had so much energy during the day, I was pro-active at work and noticed a surprising loss of appetite and cravings for carbs. SlimTea works? Imagine the shock on the faces of my colleagues, when I screamed at work. You should already know that they all drink SlimTea, my entire family too. I had to preach of the wonderful work of Slimtea and how it helped reduce my cholesterol level and weight also giving me an all-round feeling of …Read More

    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog