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    From ancient times, people will use a fresh scar on the skin smear turmeric to remove scar skin. With yellow ginger smear mother who had just given birth has reached shrink pores, wind, cold, skin whitening careful reply before birth to prevent stretch marks and other pattern appears.

    Now science has proved that fresh turmeric extracts contain promote skin cell regeneration, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-itching, remove scars and other effects, as well as the role of blood, promote blood circulation to flow through the tiny blood vessels in the skin of each, nutritional supplements and skin eliminate toxins precipitation.

    Cleanspot is a new, over-the-counter, skin care line for the toughest dry, fragile, stretchmark skin problems. These targeted products hydrate to relieve, protect, and repair the driest and frustrating skin.


    Lady Diana Stretch Mark Cream is uniquely designed with natural extracts, vitamins and minerals to deep penetrates skin to help treat old stretch marks as well as to prevent new ones from forming.
    The cream also helps to keep the skin’s natural moisture balance under control, in turn helping it to soften and flatten scar tissue and restore the skin to a more normal colour and texture so that even old scars fade and diminish. It also helps to relieve burning, tingling and itching sensations. It’s softening and protective properties also help maintain your skin elasticity for softer, smoother and younger looking skin.

    • Help skin retain its elasticity

    • Hydrate the outer layers of the epidermis

    • It repair damaged skin and diminish the appearance of stretch marks

    • Nourish the skin and firm up the skin


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      Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog