Looks like Piers Morgan has fallen out of love with Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddlestone

    This is how it began with Kim, he defended her against the backlash from her nude, carefree antics then all of a sudden he turned on her. Looks like the cycle is repeating itself with Taylor Swift. He may not have attacked her directly but he did attack her beau for his public displays of affection towards her. Read article after the cut…

    Oh Tom.
    Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, TOM.
    What the hell were you thinking?????
    My grandmother used to say there were three things to always be wary of in a man: an inability to pronounce the letter ‘R’, a large bundle of keys hanging from a belt, and the simultaneous wearing of white socks and black shoes.
    To which I’m fairly sure she would have added: ‘Sporting a T-shirt and tattoo proclaiming your love for the woman in your life.’
    I’ve been firmly in Camp Swift-Hiddleston since news first broke of their unlikely liaison three weeks ago.
    Taylor’s one of my favourite entertainers, combining sublime talent with a thoroughly engaging personality.
    Tom’s a brilliant actor and from what I’ve seen of him on talk shows and red carpets, a very charming chap.
    Together, they make sweet A-list romantic music and I have ferociously contested all efforts by more cynical journalist colleagues to categorise their paparazzi-fuelled fling as some kind of PR stunt.
    But even my faith in the purity of Cupid’s bow is taking a bit of a dent this morning.
    I could handle the beach canoodling in Rhode Island.
    I could handle the hand-in-hand strolls through the streets of Rome.
    I could even handle the country walks with Tom’s mum in the wind-swept UK county of Suffolk, albeit with slight concern …Read More

    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog