Before & After Photos: Lady narrates her sister’s domestic abuse story


    IG User jazzle_meli shared these before and after photos of her sister, along with a narration of the alleged domestic abuse and physical torture her sister faced in the hands of her husband during their 11 years of marriage. Read her story below.

    “Today am going too share my story, a scar I hide for sometime now. This lady in this pic is my blood Sister, the same father the same mother. Early this year she called our mum an was crying that she can’t stay in this hell called marriage.

    I thought she was joking she later called, ‘an said ‘in her words” if you people don’t send me transport the next call ur will receive won’t be nice” I run too the bank an send her transport, that was how she came too lag, all the way from adamawa state, I personally took this picture of her that very day she arrived, with tears in my eyes an so much shock, I could not understand what have happened too her how she end up looking like this, she arrived with two kids both girls.

    After all what have been said an done I got too have a one on one talk with her an she share her story with me, for 11 years of marriage she have always lie an pretend too us her family that she is fine an happy while in reality she is in pain dieing everyday, she told me how her said husband would abandon her an the kids for week an she was so ashamed too call us for help, to the extent that she will result too begging people around …Read More

    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog