Did the president of the European Commission confirm the existence of aliens?

    While addressing the issue of Brexit during a European Commission meeting, the commission’s president, Jean Claude Juncker said he had “heard from the leaders of other planets”.
    Conspiracy theorists have latched unto this as proof that government bigwigs are aware of the existence of extraterrestrial life and are actively involved in a cover up. Lol

    A video of Juncker shows him speaking in French, and telling those gathered at the meeting:

    “You need to know that those who observe us from afar are worried. I have have seen, listened and heard many leaders of other planets and they are very worried because they wonder about the course the EU will follow.
    “So we have to reassure both the Europeans and those who observe us from afar.”

    Probably a slip or his words were lost in translation? …Read More

    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog