Financial freedom business exhibition


    If you are not making N1million naira monthly and you do not have a solid source of residual income, then this message is for you!!

    My name is Rachel Oladele. I work in a manufacturing company. Due to the economic crisis that has affected lots of companies, down sizing and non payment of salaries has become the norm. Having family responsibilities to take care of, I became desperate for another source of income I can do part time. I got involved in this business through a friend. I had doubts but decided to have an open mindset. I attended Business Meetings with the Executives and realised I can achieve this with Hard Work and Consistency. Having taught me the modes operandi of the business,i launched part time. I have not only recovered my invested capital,i currently have enough to care for my family responsibilities. In this economic recession,multiple streams of income is the panacea.
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    VICTOR Adebosunmola

    My name is victor Adebosunmola. I work with a oil servicing company. I was introduced to this business by my sister. I was initially sceptical because we have done some unsuccessful businesses together in the past, and cos I had a closed mind towards the business model. She told me about the business in 2015 but I didn’t start until April 2016. However, I must confess that the d decision to start this business is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The truth is when I started I just did as a trial, but seriously speaking I have earned more money than I could ever dream of happening in this business, in just 2 months.
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    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog