Blac Chyna’s father’s criminal record revealed, charged with almost 30 offenses and over 12 convictions including assualt and theft


    According to Daily Mail reports, Blac Chyna’s father, Eric Holland, 49, is a serial criminal with a huge criminal rap sheet including violent crimes like battery, assault and theft.-among other crimes like breaking in with intent to commit a felony, unlawful use of a livestock motor vehicle and being a fugitive from justice. According to explosive court documents obtained by Daily Mail Online, Holland, has been in and out of trouble with the police for most of his adult life and has also faced lengthy legal battles over unpaid child support.
    In 1986, two years before Blac Chyna was born, he was arrested for assault and battery, resisting arrest, various driving offenses and refusing to sign a citation.
    In November 1987 he was arrested on assault, battery and theft charges. Two years later he was again arrested on battery and breaking in charges. Just days after his Chyna’s third birthday in May 1991 he was charged and convicted of petty theft.

    He has been in and out of the US prison system on similar charges and has racked up at least 17 more convictions and charged with almost 30 offenses.

    He has also failed to appear in court on several occasions, according to the documents.

    Holland has spent time in jail, been hit with fines and been put on probation for his crimes. In May 1992 he was even given a ten-year suspended sentence for storehouse breaking.

    Holland was back in court in 2002 – this time for theft – and a year later he was charged with second degree assault. More recently he has racked up a string of motori vehicle offenses – including driving on a suspended license in 2008 and failure to display his registration card upon demand by an officer in 2013, to which he …Read More

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