“I want more than one round of sex”- Lagos housewife says


    A housewife in Lagos state, Afusat Simpa, says she is tired of her 51 year old husband, Mohammed Simpa who cannot go beyond one round of sex. Speaking to The Sun, Afusat says her husband’s inability to satisfy her sexually has caused them to have constant quarrels. According to her, she expects him to go three rounds whenever they have sex.

    “I expect my husband to be able to take me to orgasm whenever I wish to make love to him. But no, that is not the case; instead he would stop at one round breathing as if he just climbed a mountain. It is unac­ceptable. But I understand his predicament,” she said.

    The father of four attributed his partial impotency to an accident he sustained in 2003 while working at a pharmaceutical company some years ago. Ac­cording to him, he was injured above his pelvis and was operated upon. The operation from the injury he claimed affected his performance as a man.

    “That day, I was on morning shift, to close work around 2pm. My supervisor, Wilson Oyedele, who was on afternoon shift that day de­layed me and asked me to work with the people on afternoon shift because there were few people working on afternoon shift”, he stated. I was told to work from 2pm and close by 5pm,” he contin­ued.


    “That day loading started around 5pm and the gate to the warehouse was faulty to the extent that we used plank to suspend it when we open and close it. I was in a hurry to go home because I did not inform my family that I would be com­ing back late from work. The boy offloading was too slow for my liking so I went to assist him, in the process I was hit by the bad gate. …Read More

    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog