Update: Video of scorned Kenyan woman destroying her unfaithful husband’s Land Rover

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned as proved yesterday when a man in Migori County met the wrath of his wife after he was caught in the house of a lover whom he has been bankrolling since November, 2015.
    LIB reported yesterday that Joyce Kandie was arrested, along with her husband and his lover after she destroyed his car.

    In an interview with Citizen Digital, Joyce said her husband, a senior Kenya Power employee, abandoned her and her six children after he was “charmed” by the alleged mpango wa kando. (whatever that means)
    “My name is Joyce Kandie. Another woman eloped with my husband since December, 2015. My husband never comes home, he never gives me money for food and upkeep, and he has changed his mobile phone contact. I have been following up on his movements, and I learnt of his whereabouts. He moved me into a house that whose rent is Ksh4,000. Prior to relocation, I used to live in an apartment where I paid a monthly rent of Ksh15, 000. My child is ailing; he’s been having a running stomach for two weeks. When I request for money to take the child to hospital from my husband, he refuses; instead, he tells me to borrow money from a maize vendor who is my friend,”
    Kandie said she has reported her unfaithful husband to authorities, but action is yet to be taken.
    “He has been summoned several times by children’s rights authorities, but he ignores it. He used to visit me every once in a while, but now he hardly shows up – and he even stopped going to work. I think the …Read More

    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog