Jiji is in Free Basics! (plus infographic)


    There can be a lot of arguments concerning all pros and cons of the Internet, but let’s face the truth: it is one of the greatest inventions of the humankind, which has considerably changed our lives mostly in a positive way, and made people’s lives easier.

    Especially if we are talking about free Internet access. Joint initiative, introduced by cooperation of Airtel and Facebook, aims to build and support educated and knowledge-based society.

    Free Basics is the name of the program, which provides access to local and international content via Smartphone network for all citizens of Nigeria. It means you can open websites on your cell phone absolutely for free and even with zero balance. Impressed? We bet you are!

    And now get ready to even greater surprise: Jiji.ng joins Free Basics! From now on, the best marketplace doesn’t just live in your pocket, but can be accessed for free, without any charges for used traffic. So take a minute and add it to your free-access list in five simple steps.
    Here is infographic that we made for you:

    1. Open Free Basics website (www.freebasics.com).
    2. Scroll down till you see “Add More Free Services”, and click on it.
    3. Tap “Jiji” to find the service.
    4. Add it to your list.
    5. Enjoy! Open Jiji.ng and start shopping – shopping with the best online marketplace without paying for traffic.

    Or, you can watch video tutorial here: https://youtu.be/l2Ya4rnb0C0

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    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog