Demi Lovato calls out Perez Hilton for liking a tweet, Perez slams her, calls her petty

    Remember last month when Demi Lovato came to the defense of her friend Ariana Grande, when an Instragram user said Ariana was a watered down version of Marey Carey? Lovato then noted that she believed Grande was nothing like Carey, whom she refered to as nasty for her dismissive attitude toward Jennifer Lopez and being rude generally. Well Monday, US celebrity blogger , Perez Hilton liked a tweet that linked Carey and Lovato together again. So Demi Lovato DMd Perez to let the incident go, but rather than apologize, Perez attacked Demi and even revealed the DM they both exchanged in private. Read the convo after the cut…

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    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog