3 Reasons why I am fresher than you…


    Many of you will read this post and probably think, what is Toke feeling like now? I understand your pain. Heck if I wasn’t me, I would probably be jealous of me. But that’s okay. The really smart ones would read and learn a thing or two.

    Nobody is perfect in life but there is no reason why you cannot have the perfect skin free from dark spots, sunburns and scars. This fresh skin I have did not happen just like that;

    First of all, I shirked the “suffering and smiling” mentality and took action. Rather than look at my skin as one of life’s imperfections, I searched and found Mecran; a simple, effective and all natural skincare solution that works for me.
    Secondly, I have consistently stuck to my beauty routine and I have zero regrets about it. I have heard of some horrible skincare stories where a lady started using a particular product. For a few weeks, it worked. But overtime, her skin took on several shades and colours. None of which were appealing. Mecran stands out because it does NOT contain those toxic chemicals that help in damaging your skin rather than enhancing your natural glow.
    Finally, I use a product that specifically addresses skin problems like old scars, dark spots and the odd sunburns. The latest Mecran product which is the dark spot remover polishes your skin leaving you spotless, flawless and fresh, just like me.

    If you haven’t done any of the three things listed above, that would probably explain why I am fresher than you. But the thing is, this can also be your story if you pick up your phone and place your order today. Trust me, in 4-6weeks, you …Read More

    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog